Monday, October 27, 2014

Video Resources

This weekend we began construction on the door opening.  Pictures of that operation will be posted later this week, and in the meantime, here are some of the Youtube videos we used to formulate our mortar mixing strategies as well as our re-pointing strategies.  It is our long term goal to establish our own Youtube Channel, where you and future students can watch our methods develop in near-real time.  We would post content like this.  Until then, enjoy our video mentors.

This is the set of recipe ratios we used.  We like this one because it follows the assumptions set forth by Lynch (as mentioned in last week's entry) about the ideal ratio of hydrated lime to sand.  Also, this person is uses super clear vocabulary and demonstration techniques.  We expanded this ratio to pint sized containers--three pints sand, two pints lime.

Here is part one of a video series on brick repair.  Mike Haduck provides some practical tips on brick laying, cutting bricks,  and working with mortar.  He has a large number of straightforward, unboastful, very helpful videos on a number of topics related to masonry and stringed instrument playing.

Here, lime mortar mixing is demonstrated and, there is an interesting discussion on the role of air pockets in calculating total volume of mortar.

We are considering trying to make our own lime putty, particularly for refurbishing the Hall's plasterwork.  This might be a resource.  Here, Gerard Lynch (whom we cited with a video last week) demonstrates.

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