Thursday, September 25, 2014


We're working on three types of projects

1.  Structural Restoration--Some aspects of the house are not weather-tight and are essential components of the long-term health of the building.

  • Repairing the Front Door, Door Opening, and Jamb.  The opening is not symmetrical, the jamb is not sealed to the opening and the structure of the historic replica door has been damaged.

  • The back door needs a more structurally sound porch.  This porch will include an accessibility ramp and ground-anchored rail.  (picture coming soon)
2.  Maintenance--Houses degrade over time, lived in or not.  Several projects we completed years ago need some maintenance in order for those jobs to stay "done."
  • The gutters need to be cleaned out so that rainwater can drain away from the house and its foundation and original floor joists. [DONE]

  • The roof cap is not water tight.  Some of the cap shingles have blown off in the wind and the flashing has pulled away from the chimney.  (picture coming soon)
  • The Hall Chimney cap needs to be put back into place and secured with weights. [DONE]
  • Some of the window panes need to be replaced and re-glazed. [DONE]
3.  Cosmetic/Structural Restoration--Many of the house's components are in various stages of deterioration and in need of refurbishment.  
  • The Parlor's ceiling, walls, and wood trim need to be painted.  [DONE]
  • The Parlor needs trim to be hung joining the ceiling and the walls.  [DONE]
  • The floors in the Hall and Parlor need to be resurfaced. (picture coming soon)
  • The fireplaces in the Hall and Parlor need to be resurfaced and repainted.  The Hall fireplace also needs some bricks replaced.  (picture coming soon)
  • The front porch can be assembled from hand-mixed mortar and the stones lying in the front yard.
  • The interior plaster, wood trim, and ceiling in the Hall need to be repaired and resurfaced as in the Parlor. (picture coming soon)

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