Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Jess Holler worked for two hours, building sawhorses at the Gardner House a few weekends ago. Building sawhorses was not on the list of chores we needed to complete in order to have the parlor room ready for the 10 year anniversary open house this weekend. 

But because of those two hours of work, we were able to paint all the trim wood for the Parlor, and paint more of it, because it could dry outdoors and all at once.

And because of that work John was able to glue and nail the trim pieces together into a finished unit in an efficient manner.

And because Carl saw us doing woodwork on sawhorses, he asked if we could use a workbench, and if he could build us one.

Because Jess volunteered to work two hours on some saw horses, the trim got painted, and assembled, and Carl had an idea.

We have more tools to do more work and more people that want to do it.  And that's what capacity is all about.  Thanks Jess, thanks Carl, John--thanks team.


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Community Open House

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